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By the Numbers:

Over 9,800 new student enrollments generated by GH enrollment counselors over the past year.

Over $40 million in tuition revenue generated and maintained this past year.

95% of the time have met or exceeded term-by-term lead-to-enroll performance benchmarks.

29% reduced cost per enrollment, on average.

33% – 40% reduction in overall enrollment management costs.

27% average increase in vital first to second term persistence.

34% increase, on average, in conversion rates.

303% year-to-year enrollment increase for a partner school.

Exceeded enrollment goals by over 100% on several new online programs over the past two (2) terms for a regional traditional university.

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Increase Enrollments

It’s essential that you immediately reach out to and develop a relationship with your prospective students, but your institution may not have the resources or processes in place to systematically contact and move prospects through the pipeline. The process of immediate and regular prospect follow-up often overwhelms staff and creates priority conflicts.


The role of AnswerNet Education Services enrollment counselors is to build relationships with prospects, learn their academic and personal backgrounds and goals, educate them about your institution, walk them through required processes and motivate them to apply and enroll. Your enrollment counselors can now focus on admission decisions, increasing their productivity and improving morale.


Your enrollment team is dedicated to your account. They become the face of your institution, immersing themselves to understand your institution, programs and culture. At the beginning of our relationship with you, our enrollment counselors visit your institution, meet and train with your team and display campus items in their work areas with great pride. Our counselors hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees so they are able to connect with prospects. And counselors love working with prospects and working here – we’re proud of our over 90% staff retention rate!


Representing Your Brand

We fully understand and embrace the responsibility of being the face of your institution and representing your brand.


Quality Control

All calls are recorded and available for review for quality control and ongoing training.


Fully Integrated

Enrollment counseling is fully integrated within our end-to-end enrollment management solution, including lead generation, lead qualification, financial aid advising, 24/7 student concierge service and retention counseling. Also available as a standalone service.


Enrollment Counselor Role

We recruit students in a positive manner to maximize enrollments while creating a favorable perception that will lead to lower drop rates and increased long term retention.


The roles of our enrollment counselors include…

  • Recruiting prospective students who have expressed interest in your institution via telemarketing, telecounseling and electronic means.
  • Conducting phone presentations, highlighting the features and benefits of your institution and its programs.
  • Assessing prospect qualifications.
  • Assisting prospects with completing your online application.
  • Processing application fees.
  • Assisting with required application documents and following up regarding missing documents.
  • Calling to congratulate admitted students on admission to their program and e-mailing letter of admission message.
  • Advising on financial aid and student payment process.
  • Advising students on course selection.
  • Registering students for first term courses.
  • Processing applicable tuition deposits.
  • Reminder call to students prior to the start of the term.
  • Follow-up with students who have not logged in after the start of the term.
  • Welcome call to enrolled students after the beginning of the term.