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We also offer…

Consulting Services
Our financial aid team has over 50 years of experience assessing and reengineering financial aid processes and communications for higher education institutions.

Back-end Services
We offer outsourced solutions to improve the efficiency of your financial aid.

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By the Numbers

Over 150,000 traditional and non-traditional students served by financial aid advising and student services counselors.


Over 90% staff retention on financial aid and bursar teams.


Scalability, capacity and technology to support peak volumes and year round traffic in 2 locations.


Executives with over 150 years of higher education student support, enrollment management and financial aid experience.


U.S. Department of Education ‘Exceptional Performer’ Award.

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Crucial Information When Your Students Need It

Your students expect that their financial aid needs are quickly and efficiently addressed, putting huge demands on your staff and systems, especially during peak enrollment periods.


AnswerNet Education Services offers you a cost-effective outsourced financial aid solution, providing students with a superior experience by offering one-stop advising and answers to their financial aid and loan questions. We offer state-of-the-art contact center technology, an experienced, institution-branded staff that has supported school clients for over five years and the scalability to address the most demanding needs. Our solutions help you improve financial aid efficiency, reduce costs, increase enrollments and ensure compliance.


AnswerNet Education Services works with its school partners to define service levels and performance benchmarks with a clear vision on achieving your school’s unique objectives. By taking a proactive position and providing daily service assessment and review, our team provides expected results on a consistent basis. All calls are recorded and available for review for quality control and ongoing training.


Your Student Information System

We work with you to integrate with your student information system so we can deliver personalized student services.


Representing Your Brand

We fully understand and embrace the responsibility of being the face of your institution and representing your brand. We immerse yourself into your account from training through ongoing management support.


Improved Morale

Your financial aid staff can now focus on awarding and other responsibilities, increasing their productivity and improving morale.


Financial Aid Advisor Role


The Role of Our Financial Aid Advisors


Our financial aid counselors are a seamless extension of your institution, providing immediate support for general and student-specific financial aid and loan questions utilizing state-of-the art call center technology for inbound call processing as well as call-back technology for those callers that don’t want to wait for a representative. Our solutions are fully scalable to address both your normal workload as well as peak enrollment periods.

  • Provide proactive advising and answer financial aid questions, including federal, state, and institutional information.
  • Immediate feedback to student-specific financial aid and account status questions from student information and financial aid systems via secure data exchange.
  • Loan Status questions, including anticipated disbursement date and date funds credited to student’s account.
  • Calls warm transferred to the Bursar Office and Financial Aid office, as deemed necessary by the school.
  • Log case notes into your student information system, as appropriate.