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Increase Retention

One of the most important challenges facing higher education institutions today is helping greater numbers of students successfully complete their education.


You need to have processes in place to identify at-risk students, keep them connected and engaged, help them see their end goal and to ensure they have access to resources and information they need when they need it.


AnswerNet Education Services offers retention solutions to help you increase retention through improved student communications, engagement, career goal setting and student service.


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Retention Solutions

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Retention Essentials

A quick and easy to administer assessment tool measuring key behavioral attributes and motivators of your incoming students for use by retention teams to council at-risk students to persist.

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Career Advising and Placement

Augments existing career services by providing proactive career advising services that coach and motivate students to persist and graduate.

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Retention Counseling

Your students’ single point of contact throughout their programs, with dedicated counselors developing ongoing relationships to ensure students are administratively ready each term to start class.

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24/7 Student Concierge

One-stop 24/7 answers to student questions including financial aid, payment, password reset, portal, application, registration, advising, campus services, computer issues and career assistance.

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