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By the Numbers:

$40 Million in tuition revenue over the past year

Nearly 6,000 non-traditional students served by retention counselors.

Over 27,000 continuing enrollments over the past year

91% overall satisfaction rate with a leading online program.

20 % to 7% reduction in online learner drop rates.

21% reduction in non-payment drops.

92% decrease in drops for administrative reasons such as student forgot to buy books, failing to log into class, etc.

1.2 to over 1.6 increase in average enrollments per student.

15-20% cost-savings coupled with increases in revenue associated with reduced drops, higher retention, and lower bad debt.

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Ensure Your Students Return

Are your students ready to start class? Have they registered? Have they purchased their textbooks?


You spend countless resources recruiting students, but do you dedicate the necessary resources to retain these students? Increase your enrollments and your bottom line by retaining students that drop for preventable personal and administrative reasons.


AnswerNet Education Services’ Retention Counselors are your student’s single point of contact throughout their program, developing ongoing relationships to ensure students are administratively ready each term to start class. Counselors proactively contact assigned students each term, ensuring they have selected classes, registered, logged in, have purchased their textbooks and have taken care of payment arrangements or financial aid.


Our counselors hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Credibility is essential in establishing relationships to keep your students coming back. And, we retain over 90% of our retention counselors year-to-year, ensuring strong ongoing relationships with your students.


We Represent You

We fully understand and embrace the responsibility of being the face of your institution and representing your brand.


Quality Control

All calls are recorded and available for review for quality control and ongoing training.


Fully Integrated

Retention counseling is fully integrated within our end-to-end enrollment management solution, including lead generation, lead qualification, enrollment counseling, financial aid advising and 24/7 student concierge service. Also available as a standalone service.


Retention Counselor Role

The roles of our retention counselors include…

  • Assisting students with all aspects of the student experience while supporting, encouraging and guiding students towards their educational goals.
  • Following up with newly registered students via phone and email.
  • Assisting students with registration and course selection, including the registration process, prerequisites, course substitutions, registration hold referrals and course loads.
  • Contacting non-registered students during first week of courses.
  • Preparing unofficial degree evaluations of transfer equivalencies.
  • Responding to intermediate level financial aid questions including alternative payment options, payment plans, tuition assistance, tuition reimbursement, VA and military benefits.
  • Performing cashiering function, if applicable.
  • Responding to general inquiries regarding your institution’s policies and procedures, student record system, admissions and textbooks.
  • Facilitating requests for proof of enrollment and disability services.
  • Providing basic career counseling or assistance regarding how degrees relate to careers.