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By the numbers…

300% increased chance of conversion to student with first-to-contact strategy.
86% of the time our partner schools’ prospective students were contacted first.
45% increased efficiency of enrollment counselors when able to focus on qualified prospects ready to complete an application and enroll.
16% reduction in school counselor turnover.
22% increase in lead-to-enrollment conversion rates where school has systematic, immediate in-place approach to responding to leads.
120% increase in lead-to-enrollment conversion rates where school has no (or ineffective) resources in place to respond to leads.
17 more students per term, on average, in the enrollment counselors’ pipelines (from reduction in cold calling).
35%-70% increase in prospect contact rates.
35%-50% typical school ROI — based on reduced cost per enrollment, improved conversion rate & increased operational efficiencies.

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Immediate contact = improved results and efficiency

Prospective online and non-traditional students are brand agnostic. Immediate communication with prospective students is essential, with research showing that being the first institution to contact a prospect can yield a 300% increase in conversions from prospect to a student. Our recruitment support services allow prospective students to be contacted immediately via phone and e-mail, with qualified leads transferred to your enrollment counselors – or to ours.


First to Contact: Reach prospects before your competition. We are the first to contact an inquiry 86% of the time!

Increase Counselor Morale: Your enrollment counselors can now focus on talking to qualified leads, increasing their efficiency and their morale.

Quality Control: All calls are recorded and available for review. Disposition data on each call provides you with ongoing feedback as well as conversion data by media source to optimize lead generation campaigns.

Representing your Brand: We fully understand and embrace the responsibility of being the face of your institution and representing your brand.


Leads will be immediately queued for contact via email and calls by our recruitment specialists, who will then qualify the prospect’s interest and verify key education and demographic criteria. Qualified prospects are warm transferred to your enrollment counselors or to ours. Each call is recorded for quality control purposes and available for client review. Disposition of each inquiry is fed back real-time to our lead management system for lead generation campaign optimization as well as for client review. Our management team works with you on an ongoing basis to review and update scripts. Leads that cannot be reached are redialed over time.