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Keep Students Focused on the End Goal

The importance of promoting your degree programs as career education has increased as more adult learners return to school to enhance their careers. It’s essential that you offer comprehensive career resources so students can see the end goal and gain the career opportunities they seek.

Greenwood Hall’s Career Advising and Placement solution augments job posting, career center, resume writing and similar career services by providing proactive career advising services that coach and motivate students to persist and graduate. A proactive career advising program is a major differentiator that will improve retention, increase institutional reputation, lower default rates, enhance student satisfaction and lower new student acquisition costs by generating additional referrals.

Keeping Students Eyes on the Goal

Career advising allows students to stay focused on their end goal and reduces drop outs due to short-term family issues, fear, ambivalence, academic issues or because they no longer see the value of their education.

Backing Your Promise

Career advising delivers on your institution’s promise of being a source of career education.

Advisor Role

Career Service Advisors (CSA’s) will work with assigned students starting in the student’s first term, working in tandem with the Student’s Retention Counselor and Academic Advisor to develop a career plan for each student based on their interests, current employment path and career ambitions. The goal is to link the student’s academic program and progress with a tangible long-term benefit to encourage student involvement and persistence.

Career Service Advisor roles include:

  • Development of a customized career path for each student.
  • Provide specific information about available jobs and compensation amounts in their chosen fields.
  • Help the student enhance their employment potential while they are in school but also in preparation for completion.
  • Be available to and proactively coach students to keep students excited about how their education will open up new opportunities after graduation.
  • Ensure students are utilizing available campus career services.
  • Assist students with lining up interviews, interview preparation, resume building, and garnering the right references.
  • Track student success while enrolled and after graduation to track placement rates, promotions, success stories and to build a career network.
  • Be available to students on call, as needed.